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When it’s DOMS vs strain, can I still use the grading system? At 4 days, it’s very similar to a grade 1, bilateral, medial gastroc strain.

Both legs sore due to Friday straight leg calf extensions from full eccentric to full dorsiflexion. Neutral ankle rotation, not ext/int rotated. Exercise had fatigue and burning after a set, but no major issues otherwise. Pain and mobility limitation started Saturday, and progressed, peaking Sunday evening.

Today, walking is doable, and swelling is down. I did about 3/4 of a mile of walking today, and mobility is better, but more tender. Tender in the muscle but not the tendons. Only hurts at eccentric with full knee extension, no pain at concentric and very little with full knee flexion. Medial gastroc is still swolen and tender to palpatiin, but no palpable defects.

Luckily, after the first 1 or 2 brutal muscle uses, that muscle goes from a week to half a week in recovery from strength training.


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